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leanspa Reviews

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  • Leanspa free supply

    Ordered the free supply of leanspa. Product did not work for me. Called to cancel my order, followed automated system to cancel all following orders. The automated system did not work, and I received the next supply anyway. I called and was told that I could return product at my cost and receive my $8o refund, which had been automatically deducted long before product was received. Sixty days later, I have yet to receive my refund, so I called the customer service department. No service there. This company makes money by baiting and automatic withdrawals even after cancelling. I... More...
    vicswa's Picture   vicswa    0 Comments   Comments
  • LeanSpa - is anyone there?

    I have been trying for four months to stop the monthly shipments of weight loss pills. I call almost daily and have used their automated "cancel your order feature" and the bottle still keeps showing up each month and they keep charging my credit card. I have tried their on-line cancel your order option and it goes to a "page can not be found". Their website says you can return shipments that have been canceled, but you need an RMA number and without being able to contact them, you can not get the RMA needed. I need help contacting them to stop my shipments. This... More...
    Audrey's Picture   Audrey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Leanspa complaint

    I have had one of the WORST customer service experiences EVER. This company is absolutely TERRIBLE with customer service. Today I spoke to a rep that barely spoke English, I asked for a supervisor and was told none were available. Second call I was disconnected when I asked for a supervisor, on third call, rep did try to help and did transfer me to supervisor, but all were rude. I called to stop shipment of this product, which was shipped to me early, sent the product back per customer rep and two months later, and after four calls today to Leanspa, with an average wait time for one of the... More...
    firecracker's Picture   firecracker    0 Comments   Comments
  • good product terrible company

    purchased online in april the 14 day trial arrived fine. no shipment in may when i called they said they were shipping products that day. no product in may arrived wouldn't return calls or answer through emails or phone. june billed my bank for 3 79.99 increments at once. had to speand nearly 40 minutes on the phone to get the rms number and i have to pay two shipping & handling charges to ship it back. oddly enough the product wasn't a scam, it worked well. the company's policies shipping/returns/refunds/etc basicly all aspect of the running of this business is the... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    lm65lynn's Picture   lm65lynn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Get money back

    I received my first shipment of leanspa on March 9 2011 and before the trial period was over I recived another bottle.I called and canceledon the 12 of March and sent the product back and was still charged 89.99.Am trying to get my money back but they will not do it. I've called twice and didn't get any where with Leanspa. Could you please help me get my money back and credit my charge card? As of today June1 2011 they still have not sent me my money. Please help for this company is a scam. Thank you, Barb Kesler 803... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    8uf22284649's Picture   8uf22284649    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unwanted Charges

    I have returned your product and requested that my monthly charges be cancelled. I have already returned two packages and requested that I be removed from the mailing, and I see that my bank account received another $150 hit that I can not afford. I have requested numerous times that I be removed from this mailing and that my account be credited. More...
    user2's Picture   user2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund Fraud

    I ordered their free trial just paid for shipping. I received another order about 30days later, I called comkpany when I noticed that $80.00 was taking from my account (debit card) I canceled my order thru their automation customer service on 4/25/11 There was a return label in the package along I took the product to work and the mailman picked it up I never thought that I had to get a tracking number because of the return label. I contacted customer service on 5/10/11 and was told that in order to get a full refund the warehouse will have to notify them receipt of returned product as of... More...
    staceyporter's Picture   staceyporter    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crooks

    Typical type of business that lures you into getting a free trial on their products. When you give your credit card number for what is presented as just to cover your shipping fees you are actually signing up for regular monthly deliveries at $160. And no they won't refund if you are not satisfied. Just plain dishonesty. I got my bank involved to resolve the dispute. More...
  • very sad

    I tried very hard to talk to someone about my account,I was disconnected 3 times,my problem is, I sent back $239.97 worth of product, didn`t even open the container, tried to get my money back & cause I didn`t have the tracking number, I was told there was no way to prove they got it. they should tell the people that do not use a computer, if you send the product back you have to have the tracking number. I am a widow with 2 boys & I sure can use that money. shame on leanspa.now when I call it rings then just hangs up.shame shame on you leanspa More...
    verysad's Picture   verysad    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Product, Poor Service

    1) The product is not effective. I went through the trial bottle and saw zero change in body weight. 2) Company has terrible support. My first call to them had me on hold 45 minutes. Second call, I was on hold 30 minutes. I cancelled my order within my trial window (watch out for this as you only get 14 days FROM THE TIME IT WAS ORDERED!) and they assured me I would bet a refund (although they claim it is up to 14 business days). They also 'mistakenly' sent me another order which I've had to return and will now have to pilice my credit card to make sure they are not... More...
    zepman's Picture   zepman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Do not order anything from LeanSpa, LLC

    A note to anyone who has ordered LeanSpa and the leanSpa Cleanse. Each product has a seperate account number so yoiu have to make sure you cancel both accounts. My daughter ordered the "free trial" and canceled the account the same day so that she would not be charged for any further shipments after the "free trial". They sent her 2 more bottles, 3 days later, and charged her for $160.00 which put her into overdraft. We sent the bottles back to the correct address, and now they say they never got them. Additionally, two more bottles just arrived today, even though this... More...
    psoccerbf's Picture   psoccerbf    0 Comments   Comments
  • LeanSpa rip off

    I sent off for the free trial of pills and they ended up sending me 2 bottles and charging my credit card $79.99 for them. I have since returned both bottles like they requested and they even confirmed to me via email they received them. I was told on 4/7 my card would be refunded within 7 days and as of today 4/25 that still hasn't happened. I have called customer service on multiple occassions and can't get any answers. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and is very clearly a scam. More...
    dapowers's Picture   dapowers    1 Comments   Comments
  • need money back

    I am very angry about this comapny I didnot order this comapany to send diets pills after 30 days I called and cancels two weeks ago they charged me 79.95+79.95 for two bottles of pills that I dont want I called them they are not answering thier phone this is outrageous for someone how can return these bottles of diet pills I have diabetes i cant take these pills at all my doctor request I am going to call my attorney and sue this company about my bank account for this can you make sure they dont take out anymore money I am on fixed income I will call social security about my money being... More...
    ladydi53's Picture   ladydi53    0 Comments   Comments

    I had a terrible experience again. I read the reviews online about the product, signed up for the free trial, 1-day after i received the free trial I was billed 79.99 twice for the cleanse and diet product. When I called customer service I was on hold for over 30 minutes, finally answered by a person I could hardly understand....she told me I had to mail back the product at my expense before the would provide a refund. Then she preceeded to tell me that my free trial offer did not expire until after 10 days...I explained I had not even had the product 10 days and they already billed me... More...
  • Leanspa - BEWARE!

    This is a scam! Beware! I ordered my free trial and immediately cancelled my account. They still billed me $79.99 and have been giving me a run around to receive my refund. It has been 2 weeks and I still can't get my money back. DON'T ORDER A FREE TRIAL FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They are a rip-off! More...
    mswitt's Picture   mswitt    0 Comments   Comments

    I too wish I would have checked reviews before ordering. LeanSpa charged my credit card $160 before I received my "trial" order. They then charged my account an additional $160. Yesterday I called to cancel and was on-hold FOR OVER AN HOUR before some distinctly foreign call-center person tried to speak English to cancel my account. He again put me on hold while he cancelled the account but the call dropped and I have no idea if he cancelled it or not. I then went online to cancel - I did get an e-mail reply that the account was cancelled but I'll believe it when they... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    CajunCarol's Picture   CajunCarol    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lean Spa is a Scandal!

    At 33 years of age, I will admit this is the first time I've posted a comment either positive or negative on the internet and I do often shop online. This will be a lengthy complaint, however worth reading prior to ordering Lean Spa free trail. On March 9th I ordered the 30 day trail to lose weight and cleanser (2 bottles). All I was suppose to cover were shipping charges which were 1.95 each. On March 14th, I canceled my order for the pills gave me stomach aches by the third day. I was charged 79.99 twice (for the 2 bottles) on March 15th. I called on March 16th to cancel the order... More...
    BPrincess's Picture   BPrincess    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lean Spa

    The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I remained on hold for over an hour and still now answer. They billed me for the product before I even got the Lean Spa in the mail. I am going to put in a dispute with the BBB and my bank for a full refund. I don't recommend this product to anyone and I will express my experience with my friends. More...
    navyyn1's Picture   navyyn1    1 Comments   Comments

    I ordered trial and knew I had 14 days to receive and review etc for free cancellation..but they went and withdrew $79.99 before this time period and I have NT received any pills etc...so I called my bank and cancelled my card and got new one issued. Then tried to contact LEANSPA online and no luck so I called their number, on hold for over 20 minutes. Tried again with phone number my bank gave me and got through to sales rep who couldn't tell me manager's full names or put the manager on to talk to me. I informed them they were being reported to BBB as well as my account was... More...
    Holly13's Picture   Holly13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    I paid the 8.00 and some change for the "Free Sample". Then two days after I got the pills LEAN SPA charged my credit card 159.98!!!! Now it has been over a month and they won't give me my money back! I have called 4 times and just today was on hold for "Alex the Manager" for over an hour! I jumped through all the hoops to send the UNOPENED pills back. I Got $200.00 insurance on the package, called and got the RMA nnumbers to put on the outside of the package and delivery conformation. I was given an email and told to email my complaint and It would be handled in... More...
    khuffstutler's Picture   khuffstutler    1 Comments   Comments

    Through the excitement of my husband, we ordered Leanspa Diet and cleanse. We too got taken. I cancelled both Leanspa orders and within two days, Leanspa charged my account again, for product NOT RECEIVED. I was LIVID! I went to the bank and issued a stop-payment for ant future charges and I filed a claim with BBB. I called Leanspa and gave them heads up about the claim with BBB. The employees are just cheap labor for Leanspa and really don't know what is going on. I kept asking for a supervisor and was continually told that there were no supervisors on the floor. I even left... More...
    nightflier's Picture   nightflier    0 Comments   Comments
  • Leanspa order charge

    Well my only mistake was actually ordering this stuff without researching it first; I'm never doing that again. Fortunately, the day after I order it I researched it fully and found all the negative reviews. So I cancelled my free trial yesterday AND informed my bank of my mistake and asked to have my debit card cancelled and be issued a new one. So I guess they can TRY charging me. Ha! I haven't even received the bottle. So guess I just lose $4. My lessons is learned. THANK GOD. More...
    rabtaktik's Picture   rabtaktik    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancel your debit or credit card after the shipment

    Hey guys, I ordered the leanspa product before reading the reviews on here. After going through you guy's reviews, I immediately called my bank to cancel my debit card before it gotten charged $79.99 or however much they wanted to charge for a month's supply. I am not letting these people scam me out of my hard earring money for supposedly a "free trial" with no obligations. You have to outsmart these bastards/crooks to be ahead of the game. Thank goodness I checked these reviews out before the order was received. I havent gotten my order yet but was I notified that it... More...
    smartypant's Picture   smartypant    0 Comments   Comments

    So wish I would have seen all of the reviews prior to purchasing my "free trial" of LeanSpa & LeanSpa Cleanse for $1.95 S&H each. I ordered the product on 3/23/2011 and according to the website "Terms and Conditions: By placing your order today you’ll be shipped 1 bottle of LeanSpa Weight Loss System tablets (just pay S&H). If you feel The LeanSpa Weight Loss System is not for you, cancel within 14 days from today to avoid the purchase fee of $79.99 and enrollment in the auto-shipment program which sends you a 1 month supply every 30 days starting 30 days... More...
    RateThis's Picture   RateThis    1 Comments   Comments
  • Free Trial order

    I ordered Lean spa online after seeing the article from channel 7 about "Stacie" that investigated it. I tried the $1.95 supplement and cancelled within the time frame given. I sent back the bottles as instructed with the correct RMA # attatched and still was charged $79.99 on 3/11/11 after cancelling on 3/8/11 and another charge of $79.99 today on 4/4/11. I have also tried to call and received no one. Please help, I want my $160.00 back that was scammed from me. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Free trial scam

    I recently purchased the so-called free trial bottle of Leans-Spa (just pay $1.99 shipping & handling) to discover that this contained substances that I couldn't put in my system. I called as instructed to cancel and was given the alternative to either send back the bottle (at my expense according to their specifications) or keep the bottle and pay $20. I chose to pay the $20 (due to the time and cost to return was in my best interest). When told to hold for my confirmation number, the line disconnected not giving me my number. Not only once but twice. I then tried emailing and... More...
    OpinionUser1's Picture   OpinionUser1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Returning Product

    Am trying to return an unused bottle of their product. My husband lost the paper where I wrote my RMA # to return it. I've called several times. My account is already deactivated and when I press to talk to an associate nobody ever comes to the line. I've also e-mailed them. The website says they will not accept the return without the RMA #. I've never had this much trouble dealing with a company. Sorry I did. More...
  • LeanSpa Rip-Off

    DO NOT ORDER "free trial" products from LeanSpa!!!! IT'S a TOTAL RIP OFF!!! They'll send you they're sh*t then charge your credit card $79.99 the following month - not once but TWICE for product you didn't order or request. Wanna lose weight? Do it the old school wway...reduce your food intake & exercise!! More...
    AntiLeanspa's Picture   AntiLeanspa    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lean spa rip off

    I ordered Lean Spa and Lean Sap Cleanse on Feb.3. On Feb. 17th I finally received my Free Bottle of Lean Spa Cleanse. I didn't even get to trial that because I needed to cancel right away or be obligated to them. What they don't tell you in the ad is that most of the ingredients jack up you blood pressure. When I called to cancel they wanted to charge me $19.41/each free bottle. I refused and they cancelled my account. I received another bottle and returned it on March 17th. They charged me for 2 bottles. When I called them, they would credit one bottle for $19.41, but I... More...
    JMONTANA's Picture   JMONTANA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lean spa-very difficult

    To Whom It May Concern I had a very frustrating conversation with "gina" today when I called to cancel my subscription to your lean spa cleanse and acai pills. I have only had the pills for 4 days and was notified that another bottle was on the way and I saw that my bank account had been debited 79.99. I read online that I had 30 days to have a free trial and could cancel within that time in order to have money refunded. Gina said that if the bottle was empty that I would not get a refund. this is not what it says on your website. Please confirm that when I send back my two free... More...
    (Spa Services)
    ivanajw's Picture   ivanajw    0 Comments   Comments
  • Leanspa order review

    I seen the advertisement on the television about "LeanSpa" regarding wieight loss. I thought I would try it, but I have no computer with email and my exhusband informed me that I could use his, so I did. When I went in to their website on 3/14/2011 and was going to try it. I did not have his email address so I just got off of the "LeanSpa" website. I did not order any of it. I called David to let him know that I didn't have his email address, so he gave it to me. He called me and told me that I had received some mail and I informed him I would come by on... More...
    pcs725's Picture   pcs725    2 Comments   Comments
  • Unbelievable

    I took have been scammed.. Ordered the 14 day trial 3/3/11 and got my trial order 3/9/11, so my 14 days should be up 3/17/11 and on the 12th they charged my cc the $79.99. I tried several times to call the customer service # and could not get through just sat on hold. I tried e-mailing cust.service and couln't even do that, i tried clicking on the button for cancel and to get an MRA # that you needt to return and couldn't do that. I finally decided to e-mail thru my confirmation trial e-mail and with in 10 mins of that i got a response of a ticket that was oppened. I called my... More...
    tt06sc's Picture   tt06sc    0 Comments   Comments
  • LEANSPA charge review

    It makes me mad that this was advertised on my local newspaper's website, making this company seem legit (because a "news lady" had fabulous results). I paid the $19.41 to keep my 30-day supply of LeanSpa with Acai, Quick Detox, and "pedometer." Now, there is a $1.95 charge on my credit card account. I called customer service and they said it was a "computer glitch" that charged a bunch of people $1.95. She stated we should have a refund by Friday 3/4/2011. We'll see. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company, and will get a new card... More...
    ihateleanspa's Picture   ihateleanspa    2 Comments   Comments
  • Lean Spa Be Very Careful

    Leanspa has a schemme going, it was so difficult to get through 3 Days!!!!, when I finally got through the Customer Service guy said "wow, for some reason they charged you early, that's odd" well it isn'r because everything I read online after said this is a common occurrence. The most interesting part was, I could hear several Customer service people in the background argueing with people over this same issue! Iam sure Leanspa makes monery because they frustrate people and have lots of "fine Print". Never again, I feel stupid that I did it this time... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    vpimw's Picture   vpimw    0 Comments   Comments
  • Price order complaints

    They are a rip off. I ordered this crap because I thought it was a good price for a 30 day trial. I started taking the cleanse & it made me feel so sick. I should of read the reviews like I usually do, but I got sucked in when I saw that review from some new lady on CNN. I payed the shipping and not even a week later, they charged my account %79.99 & then say I have to pay an extra $20 to press a Cancel button. Thats bull! I called Customer Service. I thought I was going to talk to someone, but got the dial tone. This is the wosrt customer service EVER! DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP!!!!!! More...
    kissass's Picture   kissass    1 Comments   Comments
  • orders not received

    11/30/10 - ordered "free" leanspa-order received & payment taken from my bank. 1/17/11 - email received that shipment had been made for next pills. Money taken from my account. Pills not received. 2/3/11 emailed leanspa no reply. 2/7/111 - email received that next shipment had been made. Payment taken from my account. 2/8/11 - telephoned leanspa. Talked to Chris for 20 mins. Not getting any help asked to talk to supervisor. He talked to her and she said to send me the two bottles I had paid for. Chris said if I didn't receive them in 6 days to call them.... More...
    renovo's Picture   renovo    0 Comments   Comments

    I ordered the trial products-both the cleanse and pills-diaried my e-mail to try and start the cancellation process prior to the 14 day trial ending. Was not able to get in touch with anyone live-the web-site while it looks pretty doesn't take the phone number or the order number-can't find it, but they can sure find my credit card number. I have registered the charges, which have already been filed prior to the trial period being over for $79.99 twice. I have cancelled my credit card and registered these charges as fraudulent. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY More...
    sherrogers's Picture   sherrogers    0 Comments   Comments
  • their trial is not 30 days like they advertise

    I tried their 30 days risk free trial, and I didnt receive my pills for 2 weeks. and they also charged me after 14 days. I called and they said if they hadnt heard from me in 14 days they assumed I liked it. so they just charged me. NOT any where on their website nor the emails they sent me say anything to that affect. I was only suppose to pay for shipping. This company are liars and frauds. I am getting a refund but I have to pay for all the overdrawl charges? I am writing the BBB. and by the way, the pills dont work. More...
    pamrose84's Picture   pamrose84    0 Comments   Comments
  • Diet Product review

    I just want to cancel my future orders and charges. I do not want to pay for a product that is not recommended for me to take since I have diabetes and other medical problems and was told by your representative not to take product. I am sending the product back. Thank You! Don Jones My email is djones3601@yahoo.com Order # M 335297 More...
    djones3601's Picture   djones3601    0 Comments   Comments

    If you want to feel stupid, order from leanspa. If you want to experience totally deceptive advertising, order from leanspa. Their entire business model is based on lying to the customer. Count on it! You think, "Oh I will try this and then cancel." NOT! You will not be able to communicate with them at all. The best thing you can do is cancel your credit card (like a lost or stolen) as soon as you order. Truthfully....you will be charged if you don't. More...
    dreagan's Picture   dreagan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancel Order

    I have been calling the 800# for over a month now and can never get anyone to answer the phone. This product does not work but they continue to charge my card and send more product!! I do not want this product. Please tell me how to get them to stop charging me and stop sending these worthless pills!!! More...
    42TRILLIAN's Picture   42TRILLIAN    0 Comments   Comments
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